Why is shelter staff getting away with murder literally barring the chronically disabled, the people in wheelchairs, the legless, in below freezing temperatures, over self defense and allowing the drug addicts to own the shelter. DESC staff is heartless,soulless,abusive, physically & verbally abusive, steal from & rob the homeless especially the disabled blind, neither the hospital nor the shelter is honest about what they do to you here at DESC they are letting the most abusive people get away with it & sending the innocent to the streets to die they’d rather rob you than to get grants because half the staff is on Crack & alcohol & should be in prison for murder, robbery, theft & severe physical abuse & verbal abuse. Please send your governors to punish them, fill them with the power of the holy ghost & put the fear of god into them. Send your governors to punish them & show them the error of their ways, start wiping out the evil people, the false prophets framing the innocent, while claiming to help you. Crooked cops, crooked judges,
Crooked DESC shelter staff. I can’t stay in a place this heartless, evil, & full of greed. The staffs attitude towards the disabled, chronic pain patients is sickening & disheartening, I can’t stay in a place this evil but I have nowhere to go. What their doing is wrong. I feel like I’m about to be slayed by/living with king Herod. Or living with evil vampires.
A chronically I’ll 32yr old shouldn’t have to take this kind of treatment, someone who is legless shouldn’t have to take this kind of treatment. There’s something pure evil about this DESC Staff. Lord Jesus God Almighty please renew my bones/joints/muscles & give me physical healing & help me walk straight so I can work I have never had a fighting chance to have a decent life or take me home with you whichever is in your will. Its sad & shows how screwed up & evil society is getting when a 32 yr old wants to kill herself because of the evil & greed in places that are claiming to help you.


Why is DESC Staff getting away with breaking every law on Earth & Literally getting away with Murder Literally its really starting to piss me off. They force you into doing there vulnerability assessment and then use it against you constantly barring the disabled the handicapped, the people in wheelchairs more than the drug addicts, the spice heads the heroin addicts. No one legless should be getting barred in below freezing temperatures. They are pure evil heartless assholes. God I think its time for you to send your governor’s start wiping out the evil, weather it be crooked shelter staff, crooked cops, crooked judges, anyone who has made the innocent, the low income, the disabled look like the one in the wrong this place is way to evil, crooked, & corrupt for me to handle. God please show the evil staff the error of their ways, start wiping out the evil, the pimps, the robbers the murderer’s, the life takers the soul stealers fill the DESC atheist robbers & murderer’s staff with the holy ghost teach them not to touch anything they didn’t pay for, they are nothing but false prophets stealing, taking from & killing the handicapped because their on crack & heroin & there to lazy, heartless, & soulless to get grants so they steal from us, punish them & punish them hard. Including the doctors that are heartless & soulless towards Chronic pain patients & accuse  the wrong  people of abusing the system when its the system abusing it self and feeding peoples addictions I lost my pain medication because of heartless drug addicts that bullied, & stole mine yet there still getting there’s I feel like I’m living with the evil king Herod. I want to kill myself will God forgive me if I kill myself the world is to evil, heartless, & soulless for me to handle greedy ass lying ass drug addicted society is gonna kill me anyway I a chronically ill 32 yr old cannot handle evil ass DESC & evil ass society. I have never had a chance to have a normal decent life I have been Ill since the day I was born. And nothing but abused physically, verbally, emotionally, tried to escape it & now I’m being used & abused by shelter staff & the medical industry. Please God, Lord Jesus almighty give me physical healing restore my bones to new, help me get back on my pain meds, help me walk straight so I can work & have a nice home or put me out of my misery, & take me home with you whichever is in your will. More & More Men are killing disabled females. Including certain police officers. Blaming scared, hurt traumatised females for Men’s abuse. Punish them hard.

Stop Making a living out of ripping off the disabled & the low income!!!!

Why do all the low income housing places say they don’t discriminate against the disabled but yet there’s only 3-5 handicapped/wheelchair accessible units & the wait list is 3-8 yrs long. Why have I been denied Section 8 for the last 4 yrs when physically disabled I.e. persons in wheelchairs are supposed to be given priority they all say they don’t discriminate but they do which is an ADA Violation.