Invisible Diseases, Invisible Pain, Invisible Me.

They hurt like hell, & the medical industry doesn’t listen or just doesn’t care. Most of society doesn’t understand what it feels like when something as simple as a friend giving you a hug hurts, or a friendly poke on the knee hurts, when something as simple as brushing your hair or taking a shower brings you to tears because your in to much pain to walk or wheel yourself to the bathroom. When you fight yourself in the middle of the night just to get up to pee because your in to much pain & its the only chance you get to stretch out your legs & try to force yourself to sleep but you look fine & healthy on the outside however on the inside your legs & arms or on fire & when its compiled with Degenerative Joint & Degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, bulging disks, & cellulites its fucking miserable & its even more miserable when all Doctors care about is profit and protecting themselves and unfairly cut you off your pain meds. They lie & tell you that narcotic pain meds don’t help fibromyalgia when in reality there about the only thing that do. Then they deny you surgeries & pain medicine because your a chronic pain patient while you legitimately cannot work & are on SSI & don’t want to take or want to screw over & overcharge your insurance and you get accused of abusing the system when its the alcoholics, the crack heads, the spice heads the violent people going to hospitals on a nightly basis, the meth heads & most of the people in position of power & people working in the system abusing the system.
So Christina Jones sincerely says fuck you with a smile.  On top of getting discriminated against for housing. By shelter’s, Section 8, caregivers that can’t understand that you just might be in to much pain to shower on there schedule.
So I guess now I got to go back to drinking & smoking medical marijuana weather the judge likes it or not. Since they have been blaming me for my families abuse since Jr high literally trying to kill me since 17 and now there framing me for things I didn’t do.