DESC IS NOT supportive of their clients.

Many clients actually Want to Work.
& The staff can’t even provide so much as a bus ticket. They claim that its a shelter for the disabled but they hard core discriminate against the physically handicapped & people with mobility issues while favouring the Drug addicts & alcoholics. They will provide a bus ticket to go to the hospital but not to the pharmacy to get the scripts. They rob the homeless especially the ones in wheelchairs or crutches. And do 3-5 sweeps a day & take your belongings if your in to much pain to lug it around with you everywhere. They provide no assistance going to school or going to work. Take your clothes, your medications, your medical supplies & expect people with chronic pain & arthritis to sleep outside for 24 hours rain or snow to get it back which is unlawful by state & federal law. They lie through their teeth about their housing resources. They claim falsely that their ending homelessness while actually doing everything in their power to keep it going. They are literally getting away with MURDER!!!!


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