Homelessness Advocacy

Being homeless is not a choice, being physically & mentally ill is not a choice, driving drunk is a choice. I’m tired of being treated like dirt by some police officers and some medical professionals because I’m unable to work. I’m tired of stepping in people’s puke & being forced to live in run down shelters that aren’t up to code, feeling some kind of invisible bugs swarming around my face being surrounded in other people’s & their animals urine & fieces. The abuse & neglect of adult family homes. Shelters that are poisoning you. I don’t think they get it & I don’t think they ever will. They are breaking state & federal laws & keeping you sick, starved, poisoned, drained, preventing you from being able to look for housing, finding employment, getting food or going to the pharmacy. Stealing clients belongings, there clothes, keeping clients covered in body lice & scabies, roaches I’m beginning to think DESC is run by some pretty evil people. It really does seem like they want you to die hear the water is filled with dirt the one meal they serve a day the trays are filthy. Discriminating against any handicapped person of any age is illegal most of there rules are against the law. They need to be checked out by the ADA & the health department. Along with Angeline’s who are physically & verbally abusing the Caucasian clients & causing severe food poisoning. Desc is lying to many clients about housing & refuses to answer any questions on how you can get in. These people are supposed to be housing the physically impaired first including section 8, SHA, RHA etc. They especially DESC & Angeline’s are talking advantage of elderly & disabled.


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