Society’s view towards the homeless population is unjustified & outdated.

Many of the homeless community range in age between 14-90 years old and the systems that are in place are severely failing them. Many of them are veterans who lost everything including their legs serving & protecting this country. Others are dealing with health & safety issues escaping DV as their wrongfully being convicted and the abuser is getting treated better than the victim. Many are severely physically & mentally ill. Most are not violent offenders but are low income & can not afford to pay attorneys, court fines, probation fines etc. Once you get your first charge any future accusations/allegations automatically becomes your fault weather it was or not creating a vicious cycle of going back to jail due to failure to pay etc. Many are forced to go to Emergency Rooms eventually causing them to loose their insurance & pain medications almost forcing them to turn to illegal harsh substances such as heroin, alcohol etc just to be able to control their physical & emotional pain. Many organizations by law such as section 8 & SHA are by federal law required to house the physically handicapped first but rarely due & often discriminate against the handicapped. Even some of the shelter clients who want to work can’t for a number of reasons 1. Shelters don’t make accommodations for people who want to work so you risk loosing your bed no one should have to work & then sleep outside, same with going to the hospital  & coming back to no bed. 2. No one wants to work covered in bed bugs, body lice, scabies etc. 3. When you have to take your belongings with you everywhere it makes it virtually impossible to do what most would say are simple tasks like going to the pharmacy, getting food, clothing, doing laundry etc. Many are afraid to go to staff due to

fear of being barred & having to sleep outside over hearsay. Its blatantly obvious

“Outrageously Obvious” That they are talking advantage of our vulnerability & intentionally making us more vulnerable than we were to begin with.
Desc’s & Angeline’s attitude towards the homeless are shocking & appalling . They are literally getting away with murder & pulling stunts that have been outlawed due to the fact that its considered inhumane, abuse, & torture. They would rather see you die in shelter than house you just to
make a buck. put the humane back in humanity

Take a stand, make a difference, people deserve better. People deserve better.

People before profit.


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