Homelessness awareness

We need to start raising awareness about homelessness and the organizations that “claim” to help end the vicious cycle when in actuality there keeping clients intentionally trapped in a never ending cycle. Many of these organizations are falsely claiming to help end homelessness while actually making it even more impossible to get out of breaking state & federal laws. Barring clients to the streets over hearsay, playing the favoritism game, keeping shelter clients covered in bed bugs, body lice, scabies etc. Forcing shelter clients to carry their belongings with them all day or risk having them swept meaning shelter staff takes your belongings and you have to sleep outside just to get your clothing & medications back purposely doing these sweeps when severely handicapped people are trying to get food or go to the pharmacy. There taking an already extremely difficult cycle to get out of poverty for example homelessness due to poverty & disability and making it even more impossible than it already is. The only homelessness their ending is their own not their shelter clients.
After 3 or more years the staff refuses to answer any questions about housing.
They are taking big time advantage of an already messed up situation and these people deserve better. Desc & Angeline’s are the worst offenders. How exactly are they helping end homelessness there subjecting there clients to abuse and keeping them unsafe and vulnerable. Forcing people to sleep outside over hearsay & gossip making it impossible for clients to get anything done on top of handicapped discrimination.http://thisisntright.org


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